"The most depressingly realistic writer's life simulation I ever experienced"-

Lavie Tidhar, author of Maror, Hood,  By Force Alone, Central Station, and others

Riddle Fox Games is proud to anounce that the best selling game Bad Writer is available on the Nintendo Switch Console, via the Ninendo eShop.

Come and join Emily as she spends her days looking for story ideas and trying to write her breakout short story. She'll send these stories to publishers, and wait patiently for either a wonderful acceptance or heartbreaking rejection. A writer's life isn't easy, and every day is a struggle with depression for Emily. You need to help her stay focused, try not to get too distracted, or she will get sad that she hadn't written during the day. Get too sad and it's game over! Poor Emily. She'll give up her dreams of being a professional writer, and instead get a job doing something far less fun and stressful.

The Switch port has added several Qualities of Life Features, including smooth controls via the analog sticks, as well as a new autosave feature that's only available on the Switch version of the game.

For all inquiries, including review codes, please contact us via email at hello@riddlefox.com.

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Bad Writer

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Bad Writer

Switch version ported and published by Mazette.

PC, Mac, Linux versions developed and published by Riddle Fox Games.
This game is built from the ground up to celebrate the wonderful experience it is to be a short story writer today. The joys of your first acceptance, and how wonderful it is getting past all those rejections. The game was brainstormed with several writers before creation (and one of the lead developers, Paul Jessup of Riddle Fox games, is a professional short story writer of 20+ years), going over each and every different pitfall and success that could happen over a single playthrough. It was carefully balanced to feel real, and not let the successes for Emily come to easily (or too sparse).

The Hapiness meter was key to the whole gameplay, since the biggest struggle with any writer today is finding time to write, and making sure you have ideas for when you sit down and start writing. True to life, you can't get ideas if you just stare at a blank page for hours on end. But also, you'll never get anything written unless you sit down to write.

Mainting this balance is key to Emily's mental health and winning a game of Bad Writer.
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